Rotary hears about Ugandan Mission work

Published 4:09 pm Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mission Mbale was the topic for this week at Rotary, as Warren and Mary Faye Moore told of their mission work in Uganda.

The couple first became involved when they traveled to Uganda in July, 2013, to visit their daughter who was spending a year teaching there. “We knew then Uganda would be huge in our future,” said Warren, who will take his sixth trip next January.

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As a retiree, he said he never dreamed his retirement resort would be a slum area of Uganda.

They are affiliated with the Ebeneezer Baptist Church of Mbale where they are helping to support an orphanage and hospital.

“Our first goal is to share the love of Jesus Christ, while teaching and training men and women to farm, sew and make jewelry.”

It is a heavily populated area where 70 percent are unemployed. By teaching trades they hope to help them become independent and self-sustaining. In January of this year they were able to purchase 6.5 acres of farmland and have been training the people to farm. They enjoyed their first harvest of corn in July, described as a bountiful harvest in spite of a drought. They have also donated 10 pedal operated sewing machines, since electricity is scarce and unreliable. Women are being trained to make clothing.

“The children are what drew us to Uganda. They are everywhere, ” said Warren. The country is described as having a large percentage of orphans, and a culture where children are raising children. He believes the average population age is 15.3 years. “They were born in a slum and are being reared in a slum, yet they are a very joyful people,” explained Warren. Their favorite saying is “God is Good.”

Fortunately, Uganda is an English speaking country.

Fellowship Baptist Church of Bainbridge has been very helpful to the mission, both by putting in a well and providing two large tents. One is used for worship and the other houses 20 orphaned children. Work is also progressing on a medical facility.

Mary Faye Moore said the term hospital is very different in Uganda from the U.S.

Patients  have to pay when you attend, and nothing other than medical help is supplied. The families must bring food and care for the child, therefore a child without a family had no place to go.

Currently 20 children are living on the church property and the goal is to reach 100.

One of the orphans living there shared her happiness at having her own bed, with a mattress, sheet and pillow all her own. “It’s a dream,” she declared.

People can sponsor a child for $20 per month, or just donate straight to the ministry. The Moores, or Newnan, can be reached at 770-313-5394 or 770-801-6601. Email: or visit Facebook at Mission Mbale