Hospital lays off 18 workers

Published 5:45 pm Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Memorial Hospital and Manor announced Tuesday that 18 employees were being let go, citing the need to reduce operating expenses, improve the quality of patient care, provide efficiency training and monitor processes for effectiveness at the hospital.

“Obviously, we always hate to do this,” said Hospital Board Chairman Glennie Bench. “But, we looked at it from a productivity standpoint, regarding the volumes we are doing in the various departments. We took it at a department by department basis. If the volume changes, we will add jobs back.”

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Bench said that patient care would remain a high priority with the leaner staff.

Hospital CEO Billy Walker said that this “reorganization” was another step in ensuring the financial viability and sustainability of the hospital.

Walker reported that decisions like these are never easy as they affect the lives of so many people. Hospitals throughout Georgia and the nation are facing similar dilemmas, and every healthcare facility is being challenged to look for ways to be more effective and efficient, he said.

“We will continue to focus on ensuring that our quality of care is of the highest level while also finding ways to be more efficient with our operations,” Walker said. He added he felt this decision was necessary to ensure that the hospital is doing its part to remain the provider of choice for patients by ensuring it is here for the community.

A productivity study was conducted using the current volume of services to determine the appropriate staffing levels within each department in the hospital, according to the official press release from Memorial Hospital and Manor. Managers and leaders of the facility used the results of this study in making decisions on the necessary staffing levels to continue providing quality care to patients while ensuring it is operating efficiently.

Some departments had vacant positions that were determined not essential and were not replaced.

“Memorial Hospital and Manor felt the decision was necessary to continue their mission of providing quality, effective and efficient healthcare to those in need,” the press release stated. “The ultimate goal of Memorial Hospital and Manor is to always provide the highest quality of care possible to their patients while being financially responsible in the process.”

An interim Chief Financial Officer, Gregg Majors, was hired by the hospital in September, who said the “sense of urgency could not be higher” to correct the financial discourse at the hospital board meeting on Sept. 20.