Duo arrested for fake money

Published 6:27 pm Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Two people were arrested by Bainbridge Public Safety in the early hours Monday morning for counterfeit money.

Officers Jayson Meyers and Larry Jackson originally pulled over a 2007 Ford Ranger for a broken tag light. When the two searched the vehicle, they found $300 in fake money—three $100 bills bearing the same serial number.

Driver Ashlee Brooks, 35, was pulled over in the parking lot of Murkerson’s studio on S. West Street and asked to step out of the vehicle. She was noticeably jittery, according to the BPS report.

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In the passenger seat was Stephen Maxwell, 39, who was also asked to step out of the vehicle. Myers asked Maxwell for permission to search his pockets, and found a Xanax pill wrapped in a cigarette carton wrapper in his pants. Maxwell claimed he had a prescription, but had no proof on hand.

While searching the vehicle, Myers found the three $100 bills tucked inside Brooks’ purse. He noticed each bill had the same serial number. Brooks said the passenger Maxwell gave her the money while being pulled over and told Brooks to “do something with it,” the report states.

Investigator Chip Nix advised for Brooks and Maxwell to be charged with Forgery in the First Degree. They were both arrested and transported to the Decatur County jail.