Funeral home shines bright with blue for law enforcement

Published 6:20 pm Friday, September 2, 2016


Lots of professions involve crossing paths with law enforcement.

Lawyers, emergency medical technicians and journalists are just a few of the jobs that require professional interactions with the men and women in blue.

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But funeral homes around the world work with police daily, coordinating escorts through town and offering assistance during grieving periods of families and friends.

Ivey Funeral Home is no exception, and the staff are thanking law enforcement throughout September in a number of ways.

Every night throughout the month, the front of Ivey Funeral Home will be lit up with blue lights to honor the people they work so closely with.

“We thought it was a great idea because of our involvement with law enforcement,” said Max Bryant, general manager at Ivey Funeral Home. “Many times, if it is a home death or the scene of a death, we have to work with them. And mainly during funerals. With the bad press that the police are getting everywhere, this is just a way to support them.”

Bryant didn’t just praise law enforcement, but all first responders and EMS that help protect and save people around the country every minute of every day.

He and the staff at Ivey Funeral Home were so excited to support law enforcement that they are challenging the Bainbridge community through September to do the same.

“Whether it’s a blue bowtie, or a scarf for the ladies, a bow on a mailbox, a blue light—just to show some support,” Bryant said.

Next week, Ivey Funeral Home will be giving out free “Thin Blue Line” armbands to wear in support of law enforcement. Those who want one can swing by the funeral home on Scott Street anytime Sept. 6-9 and pick an armband up.

Bryant said he was proud of the job police do in Bainbridge and Decatur County, and with so many Bainbridge Public Safety officers and Decatur County deputies being from this community, he urged the people to show them all the support they can.

“They are the unsung heroes, and I see it every day,” Bryant said.