Bainbridge Manufacturing nears date of operation

Published 5:52 pm Friday, August 26, 2016

After numerous delays, Bainbridge Manufacturing is finally looking at beginning operation before the end of 2016.

A company that will engineer and build air conditioning parts for automobiles, CEO Abraham Levy is combing through every detail of his plan to ensure the company will get off to a smooth start once things kick up later this year.

“We will have 25 people working the first shift in 2016,” Levy said. “I would’ve hoped that it would’ve been much quicker. We have had a million and one surprises in the building. A lot of the attention to detail is taking a lot of time.”

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Those surprises range from cleaning to painting and laying down the white floor on top of concrete permeated with peanut oil from when the building housed thousands of pounds of peanuts. The oil was turning the white floor yellow.

Multiple experiments were conducted to address the issue. Levy said he even went as far as buying a chemical-based amoeba to eat the peanut oil, which failed. After extensive research over the course of months, Levy was finally able to find a solution.

On top of that, multiple rounds of pressure washing were done on a dirt-coated ceiling. Six-hundred and fifty light units had to be taken down and every electrical unit and exposed wire were covered in plastic during the process.

“All the electrical that we have in that building we have to cover with plastic, and when you have 180,000 square feet of electricity, it takes a ton of time to cover everything and make sure it is safe,” Levy said. “We have been at it for a year, and thank God nobody has gotten hurt in that time.”

Multiple coatings of paint on the walls and ceilings has also been a tedious process, but goes a long way toward the overall look of the work environment.

“We do multiple coatings on the wall and ceiling just to make sure it looks great 15-20 years from now,” Levy said. “I want it to be a place that people are proud to work.”

According to Liliem Levy, Abraham’s father, the floor is expected to be finished by the end of September. By then, equipment and machinery that has been sitting in crates for a year can finally be unpacked and assembled.

The floor is going to be finished in the next few weeks,” Liliem said. “Then we start getting the machinery set up. The furnace will probably take us a month to put it all together.”

Levy said he hopes to have 80 people working at Bainbridge Manufacturing by April 2017.