Hospital seeks new CFO, looks at making financial changes

Published 7:43 pm Tuesday, August 16, 2016

At the August meeting of the Memorial Hospital and Manor Authority, held Tuesday afternoon, the key indicators for the month of July presented a net income loss of $983,095 for the month.

Both CEO Billy Walker and Authority Chair Glennie Bench attributed the negative figure to a couple of items. It was discovered that $400,000 worth of deductions (the amounts not paid by insurance) and $300,000 worth of unprocessed claims that had not been processed had been discovered. If those losses had been properly reported and processed in the months they occurred, instead of landing all in one month, it would not have had such an impact on July. Other indicators were that gross patient revenue was down from June to July by $232,499, and total employee benefits were up by $171,076.

CEO Walker announced in his CEO update that CFO Bill Huling was no longer employed at the hospital and that a replacement is being sought using the resources of Jackson Executives, an organization endorsed by the Georgia Hospital Authority.

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When asked if there would be additional consultants, Walker replied “No,” adding that one of the consultant contract persons had been terminated.

Another change in personnel announced by Walker was that Cynthia Vickers, a 32 year employee with Memorial Hospital and Manor, has been serving as assistant administrator at the hospital and the manor. Walker explained she has essentially been doing two full-time jobs. Vickers has expressed her intention to stay on with the manor, which she defines as her main focus. The hospital is now seeking a replacement for her position at the hospital.

Walker announced that the hospital is beginning to schedule the annual health fairs for businesses and the community. He further explained that in recent years the hospital had charged nominal fees for the services; but it is his desire to return to the original concept of offering free services. He added that in view of the hospital now receiving county tax money, he wanted to be able to give back to the community by offering free services at the health fairs.

He also announced he will be meeting Thursday with representatives about designating Memorial Hospital as a clinical training site for medical students.

Several items were voted on and approved by the board.

One capital equipment purchase, a replacement of a urinalysis analyzer for a total five-year cost of $24,360.40, including supply costs and service was approved.

Also approved was the nomination of Audrey Dollar to replace Lynn Walker on the Foundation Board, as Walker’s term had expired.

The board gave approval to participate in the GA HEART tax credit program beginning January 1, 2017. The hospital will conduct a marketing campaign to raise awareness about the program that permits anyone who pays Georgia income tax to receive a tax credit for donations made to the hospital.

No employee of the month was designated, as Bench announced that policy was discontinued while it was being reviewed.

Following an executive session to discuss quality issues, personnel, property and legal issues, the Authority returned to open meeting and approved minutes from prior executive session, and credentialing of providers, including a long list of consultants included in the TeleNeurology network.