Three more busted in BPS’ ‘crack’ down

Published 6:09 pm Tuesday, August 9, 2016

By Bridget Walker

Three more arrests were made Sunday in connection with Bainbridge Public Safety’s Operation “Crack” Down. Sade Green, Antonio Bell and Jarmaine Pugh all had outstanding warrants related to the sale of controlled substances.

This operation has been an ongoing attempt by BPS to reduce the drug problem in Bainbridge. Over the course of three months, an undercover source made purchases of illegal narcotics using official City of Bainbridge drug funds.

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“They just talked to random people on the street,” said BPS investigator Chris Jordan. “Whoever was willing to sell to them, they bought from.”

Thirty arrests were made between Monday, Aug. 1, and Tuesday, Aug. 2, but there were still remaining warrants and suspects yet to be identified.

According to Jordan, BPS received information Sunday that led them to the residence of Green, who had a felony warrant out for her arrest. She was taken into custody for the sale of a controlled substance. Bell, 36, and Pugh, 32, turned themselves in. Bell’s charges were sale of marijuana and controlled substance transaction near a housing project. Pugh’s charge was sale of marijuana.

There are warrants out for the four remaining suspects, Dewaun Jones, Michael Dixon, Desmond Davis and Roger Tyler.

The total number of arrests made so far in connection with Operation “Crack” Down is 33.