Letter to the Editor

Published 5:08 pm Tuesday, August 9, 2016

It’s kind of sad that the City of Bainbridge started a wonderful recycling area–The Big Green Recycling Machine–and then they dropped the ball.

Every time I stop with paper, plastic, cardboard and other items that are recyclable, the area in front of Bainbridge Public Safety on Louise Street looks like a trash dump. Bags and loose items surround the recycling area and often turn into litter scattered across the street.

It’s pretty obvious by the overflow that Bainbridge wants to recycle! Folks want to do their part! We’re a small city, and maybe we don’t have curb side pickup, but our community is really trying to make a difference for our city and for our world. And for our children’s world. What kind of message is this sending to those children? There are two elementary schools within a mile of BPS and surely our children see this garbage dump through the windows of their buses. Is this how we want our kids to view their world and their planet?

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Can any of our city officials, or can any of our county commissioners answer for this eyesore? You want folks to keep their property clean? How can we take pride in our own home and our beloved Bainbridge when there is a trash dump on a major street in front of an official facility?


Sally Miller