District Governor Ray visits Bainbridge Rotary

Published 4:49 pm Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bainbridge Rotary Cub hosted Rotary District 6900 Governor Raymond Ray at their meeting this week.

Ray, a member of the Griffin Georgia club, is a retired 20-year-veteran of the U.S. Army who has continued to serve his community. He has served on the Spalding County Board of Education as well as the board of county commission.

Ray had high praise for the Bainbridge club, which he noted was established in 1936. He was also complementary of District 6900, noting the various impacts made on the community by Rotary members.

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He cited Rotary International’s effort to eradicate polio in the world and gave a report that when the project first began there were 350,000 active cases in the world. Now, he says there are only 16 cases, and they are in Afghanistan and Pakistan. “There have been no new cases reported. We are now starting a new three-year watch. At that end, we will have eradicated the disease.” He went on to explain, “It was your resources that have accomplished this. Our accomplishments are all based on club membership.”

The major theme of his speech was how individual efforts combined with the committed efforts of other members gives the ability to achieve great service to humanity.

He agrees with the truth of the statement that Rotary cannot do all, but says “the flip side is that the world needs all the service Rotary can provide together.”

He promoted the fact that District 6900 will host the International Rotary convention in Atlanta in 2017-18, with an expected attendance of 45,000 members. It will also be the celebration of 100 years of the Rotary Foundation.

There will also be a District 6900 convention in spring of 2017 that will be a four -day, three-night cruise from Cape Canaveral to Nassau, and encouraged members to attend for a little different experience.

The district is coordinating with the Shriners to place children for hospital care.

Described as a pilot project, Ray said Rotary will help identify the children who need service and the Shriners will take it from there.

Ray also called for members to honor and pray for all those who serve, be it in the military, law enforcement, fire fighters or others in public service.“They step out every day and follow the Rotary motto, ‘Service above Self.’ Let’s make them feel special.”