Summer Art Camp gives kids creative outlet

Published 5:59 pm Friday, July 15, 2016


The first week of Summer Art Camp has been a busy time for the teachers and the 30 kids who came each morning to learn different methods of artistic expression.

In addition to the usual ceramics, tie-dye, and photography projects, several new activities were added his year.

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The children learned to make candles contained in small jelly jars, and the hand-hammered metal labels that were attached. The jar lids were used to make pressed flower sun catchers.

Another fun, but somewhat messy project, was pendulum art. Large sheets of paper were spread on the floor and each student given a different color open paint can, which they swung to and fro over the paper. The resulting modern art is quite eye-catching.

Other new projects were learning to make God’s Eyes from yarn and pop-sickle sticks and some students helped paint a fire hydrant on the square.

Thirty additional and different youth will take on the same activities beginning next Monday at the Firehouse Arts Center.