Armed robbery suspect captured after fleeing scene of crime, arrested at gun point by BPS

Published 6:01 pm Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bainbridge Public Safety officers responded to a reported armed robbery on Water Street around 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

“[The victim] said that they were all hanging out in the house and [Rakim] Bouie Bouie put a gun to his stomach and said ‘give it up,’” Investigator Mark Esquivel said. “He was afraid [Bouie] was going to kill him, so he went into his own right pocket, took out the money and gave it to him.”

Patrol Officers Jason Myers and George McMillan responded to the call that Bouie had fled the scene on foot.

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“As I was in route…I heard officer McMillan key up the radio saying he just saw the suspect and [Bouie] took off running on him and he was in foot pursuit,” Myers said.

McMillan reportedly pursued Bouie onto Broughton Street where he momentarily had him held at gunpoint under a house. Bouie was able to escape again though and McMillan pursued him towards Griffin Uniforms and Sims Street Housing where he lost contact with him.

“I positioned myself on the property of Sims Street Projects there and was looking around that area,” Myers said. “I met with Officer McMillan on the fence line and he said [Bouie] hopped this fence and he went over here to this property that I’m on.”

Myers continued his search along the fence line where it was believed Bouie was hiding in the bushes.

“As I rounded that corner and started walking west around the fence line right there in that corner, I shined my flashlight and I noticed the Bouie subject lying there hiding in the bushes,” Myers said.

According to Myers, Bouie was lying with his hands concealed. Myers then unholstered his service weapon, as it was suspected that Bouie was armed, and began giving verbal commands for Bouie to show his hands.

“He finally showed me his hands and he stood up and when he stood up I kept telling him get back on the ground, get back on the ground because I couldn’t get to him,” Myers said. “I was on the opposite side of the fence.”

Bouie then turned his left side towards Myers and reached for his left pocket according to Myers.

“What’s he reaching for,” Myers said of what was going through his mind. “What is he about to pull out? Is it a gun or what else? When he did that and bladed away from me I’m like I think he’s still got the gun on him, he’s reaching for it.”

Bouie finally followed Myers commands and showed his hands at which time State Patrol Trooper Brian Palmer took him to the ground.

“We kept telling him to get on the ground,” Myers said. “He wouldn’t get on the ground. Finally Trooper Palmer came in through the wood line on the opposite side of the fence and tackled him to the ground.”

After Bouie was booked, Myers and McMillan recovered a bag that Bouie had allegedly dropped during the chase. In the bag they reportedly found a pellet gun, that Myers said closely resembled an actual gun, wrapped in a red bandana.

Bouie was charged with armed robbery and obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers.


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