Joe’s legacy will always be remembered in Bainbridge

Published 4:50 pm Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dependable. Dedicated. Loyal. Persistent.

All these words are just a few of the ways to describe Joe Crine. Of course, there are many more attributes and traits that one could say describe Joe, but the ones I like the best are friend and co-worker.

I have worked with Joe for the past eight years, since arriving in Bainbridge in June 2008.

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As we let the community know in last Saturday’s edition, Joe has retired after 46 years of serving the community and The Post-Searchlight as sports editor.

Joe came to work at the newspaper in April of 1970. I was all of eight months old when Joe began chronicling the news and activities of this community. He has covered thousands of ballgames and thousands of people through the years.

And as I arrived in Bainbridge eight years ago, well into my career, Joe taught me lessons nearly every day. He loves this community and nothing is more important to Joe than making sure no event or activity was left out and giving the deserved attention to those events.

Just as much as Joe loves the community, the community loves him. After posting Joe’s retirement story on Facebook late last week, the comments and “likes” starting coming in fast. We should all strive to be viewed in the same way that Joe is viewed.

As the players changed, the venues changed, the games themselves changed, the constant of the sidelines and in the stands was Joe Crine. He covered three generations of Decatur County athletes and students. Joe offered assurance that the accomplishments of those students and athletes are forever documented in the pages and archives of The Post-Searchlight.

With a memory unlike I have ever seen, particularly when it comes to details of sporting events, Joe was our office historian.

If we ever ran across an unfamiliar name from the past, Joe was ready and able to give background. I bet he could name all the starters from the 1982 Bearcat state championship football team and he could also tell you about the kids he covered in the early 1970s.

Joe loves Bainbridge and Decatur County, he loves his church, he loves the Bainbridge Lions Club, and he loves this newspaper. He gave us 46 years of all-out effort; effort with humility, pride, and a deep sense of just wanting to make people happy.

While Joe has retired from day-to-day reporting, don’t be surprised to see his work show up on these pages from time to time in the form of opinion columns. Joe asked, “When I have something to say, can I write a column?” Of course the answer was yes, we want to hear what Joe has to say.

Be on the lookout for news of a reception that will be held in Joe’s honor in the not too distant future. I am sure Joe would love to see and speak with all of you.