Letter to the editor in reference to the hiring of Jeanette Grimsley

Published 4:02 pm Friday, July 1, 2016

The DCBOE made a great decision last week in naming Jeanette Grimsley as the interim principal at Potter Street Elementary (PSE). Grimsley is home grown and has worked her way up the ranks. None of this has come without challenges and setbacks. Grimsley has met all challenges and has learned from the setbacks to become a better teacher and leader during her career. If you have ever been to PSE, you would have been able to see firsthand the love, caring and dedication Grimsley has shown to the school, faculty and most importantly to all of the students of this wonderful school. Some would like to point to past incidents in determining a person’s worthiness for future endeavors. Teaching is a two-way street, where you pass on the knowledge from your subject matter and life experiences and on the other end you are constantly learning from the next generation to make yourself better at your profession as well as becoming a better individual. I once read a quote “There is not a Saint that does not have a past and there is not a sinner who does not have a future”. Let’s not rob great teachers and students of a great learning environment. To the Post Searchlight and Mr. Keith Lyle, according to my bible, we have all sinned, but guess what, we still have a future, if we can find it in our hearts to move on from all the negativity and support those who need it the most. As a newspaper, your job is to inform and you did that, however there’s a right and wrong way to do that. In my opinion you took the latter. This is a hometown paper and not a NY tabloid or gossip column. Steamy headlines versus moral responsibility wins again. Your headline concerning the naming of the interim principal was totally inappropriate. However, it’s the stuff that should get the paper another award, congratulations!


Elizabeth Anderson

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