Bainbridge resident places Little Free Library at Memorial Manor

Published 5:21 pm Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Above, the Little Library at the Memorial Manor on Shotwell Street sits with books just waiting to be read. Left, Ann Kinchen, the one behind installing the Little Library, smiles outside with her creation.

A free public library shaped like a ”birdhouse” was recently installed at the entrance to Memorial Manor in Bainbridge, thanks to the efforts of local photographer, Anna Kinchen, and Tommy and Audrey Dollar, who donated the building.

Registered through the Little Free LibraryOrganization, it features a “contribute a book, take a book, return a book” policy on the honor system. This library will feature an array of medical and spiritual books, free of charge.

Kinchen is happy to report one week after its installation that all of the original books are gone and have been replaced by two others. So it is working. She expressed appreciation for the help and encouragement she received from Cynthia Vickers and Memorial Hospital and Manor staff in allowing it to be placed on their premises.

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“I wanted this library to be in memory of my three grandparents, Hubert Dollar, Abbie Dollar and Edna Turner, who spent their final days at the hospital and manor in Bainbridge,” said Kinchen.

“I think about the countless times that my family and I walked through these doors asking for help, praying for peace and hoping for understanding. I think about all of the books my mother purchased on how to deal with a parent with Alzheimer’s Disease. Those books became her beacon and through her growing knowledge she spread awareness in our family and then onward and outward in our community.

“It seemed with each passing of a loved one, a void was left in our hearts but our family library grew. Naturally, I wondered what we were going to do with all of these books now our family members have passed on. I want to do some good, and I want to do it in remembrance of my grandparents.

Coincidentally enough, when I think about them, I think about how GranAbbie loved a cup of coffee and a good book, and how Mema had the bookmobile come to her house where she offered daily child care. I loved them dearly and miss them everyday.”

Kinchen says she will act as steward of the book hut. She welcomes any and all books pertaining to spiritual guidance, medical care, illness, disability, coping and loss. “Even if your books are weathered, dog-eared, highlighted, I will take those too!”

If space allows, books can be donated by placing them in the hut.

They may also be put in a box in the manor office, or call Kinchen at 850-661-0996 for a pickup. As a reminder, book checkout is at any time, and always free.