Man wrecks equipment, spits and bites after arrest

Published 9:08 pm Tuesday, June 21, 2016

By Bridget Walker


Gabriel Washington, 33, was arrested Sunday, June 19 and charged with aggravated battery, obstruction of an officer, public drunkenness, loitering or prowling and two counts each of criminal damage to government property in the first degree and simple battery.

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Bainbridge Public Safety officers initally made contact with Washington around 9 p.m on Godwin Street. According to the incident report, Washington had a strong odor of alcohol coming from his person. Officer Timothy Mixon then left the scene, but had to return nearly half an hour later, because Washington was reportedly hitting someone with a stick. When the officers arrived back on scene, Washington reportedly fled, but was eventually caught and placed in handcuffs.

While in the booking room, Washington punched numbers into a keypad on the door attempting to get it open. He was then observed kicking the camera stand, knocking it down and continuing to kick the camera until it broke.

According to the report, when officers attempted to handcuff Washington to the bench he was sitting on, Washington crossed his arms, tensed his body up and refused. Once one hand was cuffed to the bench, Washington laid on his stomach with his hands folded up under him, in an attempt to resist from officers cuffing his free hand. Officer Jonathan Green tried to pull his hand out from under him, and Washington reportedly bit the officer’s thumb.

Washington was then transported to Bainbridge Memorial Hospital in order to be cleared by hospital personnel before being transported to Decatur County Jail. According to the report, while en route to the hospital, Washington opened the sliding window to the cage, stuck his head and arms through and said to Officer Christopher Avery, “Punch me, so I can sue you.”

Washington then reportedly pulled the radar antennae out of the back window of the patrol car, ripped the chord out of the radar antennae and started beating on the window with it. He also ripped out the ICOP microphone, according to the report.

While in the ER, Washington was reported to have spit on both Sergeant Deen and hospital personnel a total of 14 times. According to the report, Officers had to put a pillowcase over Washington’s head to keep him from spitting on anyone.

Washington was then transported to Decatur County Jail, where he spit on Mixon again before being released to the custody of the jail.

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