Woman lights fire to house after man leaves her for another woman

Published 5:27 pm Friday, June 17, 2016

by Bridgett Walker



Bainbridge Public Safety officers and Decatur County Fire and Rescue responded to a call for a structure fire at 514 Campbell Street on the night of Friday, June 10.

“It had done some substantial amount of damage to the front of the residence,” said BPS investigator Chip Nix. “When officers got there and realized it appeared to be an arson, they called for investigators along with Chief Doyle Welch to respond.”

According to Nix, through the processing of the scene, interviews with eye witnesses and collecting of evidence, it was determined that a female, suspected to be Stalina Rich, set the fire and left in a black SUV, allegedly driven by Teandra Patterson.

“Stalina was upset at a male subject for leaving her for another female,” said Nix. “So she shoplifted some lighter fluid from the Dollar General and poured it on a bag of clothes that he had left at her house and then went over and put it on the other female’s front porch and set it on fire. It burnt through a chair and then caught the porch on fire.”

The house was owned by J.B. Swicord and rented by the Eboni Thomas.

Rich was charged with arson in the first degree and false statements, both of which are felony charges.

“She concealed facts of the case,” said Nix. “She basically lied about Teandra owning and driving a black SUV.”

Patterson was also charged with arson in the first degree. According to Nix, while driving Rich to commit the crime, Patterson had her tag covered, concealing identification of the vehicle.