‘Kids n Kops’ installs AC unit in burn victim’s home

Published 5:33 pm Tuesday, June 14, 2016

KNK Air Cond June 2016.jpg 1

Norris Akins, Kenneth Ellison, and David Cutchin hold the new AC unit steady so Valerie Stubbs can secure it into place.

By Bridget Walker

A 1-year-old who suffered burns from a weekend incident and is currently being treated in Gainesville will have a smooth recovery, thanks to officers of the Kids n Kops program providing an air conditioning unit for his bedroom.

Because of the burns, the child had to have skin grafts done, and part of the recovery process requires that the skin be kept free of sweat.

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But his home was not equipped with air conditioning.

“Those apartments are really, really hot,” said BPS officer David Cutchin. “He [the child] needed to stay cool and dry, and they had to have an air conditioner in order to do that. So we did it.”

When Cutchin found out about the child’s operation, he started making phone calls until he found a local business willing to donate an AC unit. Then at 3 p.m. Monday, he joined with BPS officer Kenneth Ellison, Valerie Stubbs and Norris Akins of the Kids n Kops program to install the air conditioner into the child’s room.

According to the grandmother of the infant, Cassandra Davis, the child is getting better. He is now moving, able to sit up and expected to return home from the hospital on Friday.

“I appreciate them donating the air conditioner,” said Davis. “That really did help out a lot.”

The AC unit is working effectively, and the child’s room will be cool for his arrival.

“It’s good that police officers do help when people really do need it,” said Davis. “I do appreciate everything everybody’s doing for him. He needs everybody’s love right now, and that’s what everybody’s giving.”