A year and a few thousand miles away from there

Published 5:52 pm Friday, June 3, 2016

It is crazy how much can change in a single year. On Thursday my sister sent me a screenshot of a Facebook Timehop saying that on that day a year ago we were leaving London after a great four days and hopping on a plane to Amsterdam.

We were off to the second stop of our whirlwind adventure that saw us next go to Berlin, Paris and then a two-week trip through Italy with stops in Venice, Florence and Rome.

She captioned the picture by say “And today we are both stuck at work.”

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My sister had just finished graduate school at Florida State and I had just completed my eighth month stint teaching English in Spain.

This was to be our final hoorah before we entered the real world. Two weeks after we returned my sister moved to Indiana and I started the job search that would ultimately lead me here to The Post-Searchlight.

I can’t believe how much can change in a year. On June 4, 2015 my sister and I rented bicycles (to fit in with all the locals and tourists in Amsterdam) and pedaled around and outside the city.

We crossed the famous canals on our white bikes and found picturesque Dutch windmills (the old wooden ones that kind of look like a house).

We then went in search of a wooden shoe/cheese factory that was supposed to be a sort of far, but definitely not undoable bike ride away.

A few wrong turns later (we were trying to navigate using screen shots of Google maps because we only had service when on Wi-Fi) we never found it.

We did instead get to ride our bikes all over the Dutch countryside and off the beaten path into a field.

It was an awesome day outside the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam (it is everything the stories say it is and more) then on June 5 we boarded the worst train ride ever to Berlin.

Even though it was six hours of misery with no air conditioning, I still look at it as a fond memory because it was apart of this awesome trip my sister and I shared.

In only a year so much has changed, but the changes have been great.

I’m enjoying Bainbridge and my sister loves Indiana and we will be going on an adventure again soon.

Now as she said we are both “stuck at work.” I will forever have the travel bug because once you catch it you can’t get rid of it (and I wouldn’t want to).

I can’t wait for my next adventure that will allow me to see more of the world.

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