Hospital Board reports year ‘off to a good start’

Published 7:01 pm Friday, May 20, 2016

The Memorial Hospital and Manor Board reported at Tuesday’s meeting what was termed “a good start for the (fiscal) year.” The April financial report reflected a net income of $205,051. This is $55,068 more than last year-to-date, which was $149,983. Gross patient revenue was down from March by $136,877; but expenses were also down by $720,992.

Wayne Smith, Interim Revenue Cycle Director, gave a detailed report on the billing process reviews, explaining how the denials in insurance filings are being handled, as well as an overview of the recovery from debts sold to third parties. He also addressed the duties of case managers in keeping track of what payments the patients are responsible for if they stay beyond the time qualified by insurance. Doctors must also stay on top of qualifying documentation for patients.

Smith identified changes being made in the billing processes and what needs to be changed and improved.

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CEO Billy Walker gave his report:

• The Derby Day Party sponsored by the Memorial Hospital Foundation was successful, resulting in an income of approximately $30,000. Added to the proceeds from the half-marathon, makes a total of $36,000 to be used for renovations. He reported the renovation of the medical/surgical departments was ongoing, with hopes to finish soon.

• He recently attended a meeting in Washington D.C. where he heard about many of the same issues being experienced here by Memorial Hospital.

• The hospital will continue to participate with tele-health grants in the schools, indicating Rotary has agreed to work toward a fifth grant.

• The consolidation of employee health insurance with the City and County is nearly complete, with savings being reported on the administrative side as well as to city and county on claims. Walker stressed that they are not forcing employees to use Memorial Hospital for treatment, but simply rewarding those who wish to stay locally with discounts.

• Physician recruiting is ongoing.

• The date for the annual board retreat is July 28, which will serve as the July meeting.

• Employee service awards were given at the annual luncheon held on the front grounds last week.

As referenced in an article that was published in The Post Searchlight on Wednesday, following a closed executive meeting, the board returned to open meeting and voted on the renewal of Billy Walker’s contract. The contract was renewed for a one-year term at the same salary as before, with language inserted that if the contract expires without the board taking any action, it will be considered the same as a termination without cause. The non-compete clause was also deleted and the monthly car allowance was increased from $540 to $650.

The Authority also approved the minutes from the April executive meeting and approved the May credentials for the reappointments of Jason Moye, M.D., Jim Franklin, PA, George Merritt, DPM and Marvin Martin, CRNA.