Bainbridge student to perform at Carnegie Hall

Published 6:29 pm Friday, May 20, 2016

Bainbridge eighth grader Joseph Milines Jr., will have the chance to sing with the Honors Junior Choir in Carnegie Hall in New York City this summer. The Honors Junior Choir performs as part of the Middle School Honors Performance Series.

The Honors Performance Series includes students from 45 United States and Canada.

“It is amazing because New York is the City of dreams so if I go here it makes me feel like I’ll make it like as a singer,” Milines said. “It’s awesome because since I was around like a young really, really age, I’ve wanted to do this.”

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Milines performs as a member of the Milines Family Choir, which is a community gospel choir that performs throughout the region.

As part of the audition process, Milines had to send an audio recording of himself singing to the Honors Selection board.

“It was rough at the time because we had to get songs done, we had to get my voice ready and all of that,” Milines said. “We had to get the tempo and all of that ready. It was just wild. They gave me lots of choices. I only saw one that was fit for me and that was ‘Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel.’”

The Board selects students from among thousands of applicants and only accepts “the most talented performers,” Program Director Nancy Richardson said in a press release announcing Milines selection.

Students participating in the Honors Performance Series will spend five days in New York before performing at Carnegie Hall on Saturday, June 25.