Bainbridge to share inner workings of city for Georgia Cities Week

Published 7:44 pm Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bainbridge will join cities across Georgia this week to celebrate Georgia Cities Week.

The week is dedicated to recognizing the many services city governments provide and their contributions to a better quality of life in Georgia. The theme, “Go To Town” reflects the role cities play in creating a gathering space for residents to shop, dine, be entertained and interact.

“Our citizens are our shareholders, if you will,” Bainbridge City Manager Chris Hobby said. “This is just a chance to point out there is value to their tax dollars, and you may not even be aware of it. Anytime we do tours, people are amazed at what goes on behind the scenes. There is a lot.”

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Community Affairs Director Julie Harris said city government is truly government of, by and for the people – the people who are making the decisions about our community are your neighbors, business owners, and community leaders. City government is administered for and by its citizens and is dependent upon public commitment to carry out its responsibilities.

City government sets the stage for success for individuals, families and businesses.

“Throughout our lifetimes, the average person will have more direct contact with local governments than with state or federal governments,” Harris said. “Because of this, we feel a responsibility to ensure that the public knows how cities operate and feel connected to their city government. During this week, we want to recognize the role city government plays in our lives: from historic preservation and trash collection to public safety and promoting the area’s culture and recreation.

“We hope you will join us and learn more about your city and how it operates for you.”

Topics will include: Public Awareness about mosquito control and the Zika Virus, Public Works Department daily activities, Public Safety Department daily activities and Leisure Services Department daily activities

For more information about Georgia Cities Week in Bainbridge, contact Harris at (229) 243-8555 or visit the Historic Bainbridge Georgia Facebook page.