In it to win it

Published 5:27 pm Friday, April 15, 2016

Working out is not my favorite thing to do. I enjoy playing basketball frequently, but getting up the motivation to actually go to the gym or go for a run is difficult for me. The key word though is motivation. Give me a reason to do it and I will be there multiple times a week and I will watch what I eat (no more see food, eat food diet).

Well…I currently have just that motivation. At The Post-Searchlight we recently started a weight loss challenge. For 90 days we are competing to see who can lose the highest percentage of weight.

The newsroom, the ad department, the printing department and even the front desk receptionist who doesn’t need to lose weight are in on it.

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There is a cash prize at the end and that speaks to the core of me. I love competition. I’ve always disliked running, but I LOVED running track in high school. Chasing people down from behind and racing to see who was first appealed to me.

So now I am fighting to win that prize. I went for a run the last two nights; I went to the gym when I could this week. Heck I may even work out this weekend. I have started eating bland semi-healthy dinners of chicken and kale (yes kale) salads.

There is no junk food in my apartment. I haven’t had a soda all week (my hands are trembling as I type this from the withdraw, just kidding).

For 90 days I am going to work to be the best me that I can be. I am going to fight for this. I am going to go for runs, play alot of basketball (I ordered new shoes so that both of those activities would stop giving me shin splints).

I am going to continue to eat healthier. Ni more bugers (well maybe some) no more Friday night pizzaa (that will be the worst I love pizza), no ice cream, maybe only the occasional chips.

This will be a struggle, but I beleive I can do it. I have faith for the next 90 days while I have motivation I can do it. The hard part will be when the competition is over. When the money has been handed out. How will I do then?

A week in I am sitting in third place, but I plan to prevail. I will need help to get there though. If you see me at the gym tell me to work harder. If you see junk food in my cart at Winn-Dixie steal it. I am in this to lose weight, but more importantly I am in this to WIN!!! And I do fully plan to win. That’s the motivation.

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