Inmate arrested for drug possession

Published 6:09 pm Friday, April 8, 2016

Eldriques Silas, 34, was charged with possession of marijuana by an inmate after a guard at Decatur County Correctional Facility found a small quantity of marijuana in Silas’ sock during a random pat down.

According to Warden Gordon Screen Jr., guards perform random daily pat down searches of the inmates. Screen said that the quantity of marijuana found on Silas would be worth about $10 on the street but that that value is “double or triple that once you’re in prison.”

Silas, who has numerous previous drug charges on his record, will face both internal punishments at the jail and through the court system.

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“People think double jeopardy, but you are violating two set of laws-prison rules and Georgia State Laws,” Screen said.

Internally, Silas was given 15 days of isolation time during which he was placed in a single cell by himself. He will also be restricted from having visitors for 30 days.

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