How time slips away

Published 5:05 pm Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ain’t it funny how time slips away” is the title of a very old Willie Nelson song. It’s also very true.

I recently bought a kind of radio that has been out for a while, but I’m just getting around to it. It’s called Sirius XM radio and it doesn’t rely on towers to transmit its signal. Sirius is “serious” about radio. It’s channels are transmitted by satellites and can be sent to cars, computers, iPhones, and all sorts of modern devices.

I bought it for my car because, in my old age, I have become spoiled. I was tired of searching the dial for stations that played something I liked. When I was a teenager and car radios were AM only, I could spend lots of time slowly tuning the dial looking for one of those clear channel, big stations like WLS in Chicago. I could handle quite a bit of static if there was a chance of hearing “Wooly Bully.”

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Now, I’m a little, make that a lot more impatient. I want what I want immediately and I don’t want any static at all. Plus, I’ve got a little more money than I had at 15, so I bought me a new-fangled, super-duper radio that gets 150 channels with no static whatsoever. That’s known as affluence.

On my new-fangled Sirius radio channel number 59 I can listen to Willie’s (as in Nelson) Roadhouse. It plays nothing but old-timey country music like George Jones, Faron Young, and even Webb Pierce. I heard “There Stands the Glass,” a Webb Pierce classic from the 1950’s, the other day!

I don’t listen to Willie’s Roadhouse all the time. Sometimes I listen to those songs I heard as a teenager. There are channels for the music that highlight certain decades like the 1950’s, 60’s, and so on right up through the 1990’s.

If you like soul from Motown, there is a channel just for that. Or if hip hop is your cup of tea, I’ll say a little prayer for you, but there’s a channel for it and I recognize that it takes all kinds to make the world go ‘round.

If Elvis is all you want to hear, there’s an Elvis channel. Frank Sinatra, too. If you remember it and like it, Sirius radio has it for you.

Every football game, baseball game, basketball game, pro or college, and even “tiddly-winks” are broadcast. If he were still living (and I wish he was), I could tune in to Larry Munson and the Georgia Bulldogs anywhere in the country and never have to change the channel. Wonder if Munson is calling games up in heaven?

There are also comedian’s channels. Sometimes they play old clips of funny, stand-up comedians like Bob Hope, but most of the time, it’s modern comedians and I thought I would like that channel. Unfortunately, the language is too coarse for me. It’s amazing to these old ears and sentiments that I laugh most genuinely at the old-timers who used no profanity.

I guess I am somewhat judgmental, but verily I say unto you, the comedians that use such coarse language, seem to be trying for laughs with their awful language instead of laughs with just plain funny stuff. But, that’s just me.

Oh, there are all kinds of news programs. I like those and, they even broadcast simultaneous versions of cable news programs like Fox and CNN. There is also talk radio.

Although time has slipped away, it’s good to have a radio that can carry me back to the good, ole days.