Man arrested after robbing Yesterday’s Diner

Published 7:27 pm Friday, March 25, 2016

Dwayne Williams, 47, was arrested early Thursday morning and charged with armed robbery after reportedly robbing Yesterday’s Dinner.

Williams allegedly spent roughly an hour at the diner after ordering a coffee. When he went to the register to pay he reportedly stated “You’re gonna open that register and give me all the money.” Witnesses said that he stated he would have performed the robbery sooner, but that there was a kid present.

After he was told that the register couldn’t be opened Williams reportedly stated that he had been watching the register and knew that it could be opened and that he had a gun.

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According to a statement given by Alizia Kouts, who was working the register at the time, she asked to see the gun. At that time Williams reached into his pocket and started counting down from five.

When he got to two, Kouts opened the register and gave him the money. Williams then reportedly left the store on foot.

Bainbridge Public Safety officers later apprehended Williams after they spotted him walking on Perry St. He had turned his shirt inside out in an attempt to conceal his identity. During a search of his person BPS officers found $140 in cash, but no weapons.

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