BoE discusses criteria for new superintendent

Published 7:27 pm Friday, March 25, 2016

The Decatur County Board of Education held a called meeting Thursday evening to determine the leadership profile for superintendent candidates, finalize plans for a community survey that will allow community members and employees to have input into what they desire in a new superintendent and set the schedule for candidate interviews.

The leadership profile includes four professionals and four personal qualifications that they require in the next superintendent. According to the Board’s finalized leadership profile, “The Decatur County Board of Education’s highest priority for its next superintendent is a person that is well-rounded in all school programs.”

The Board will also require that the person who is hired is a good manager with the ability to delegate tasks to the correct people.

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“We need a leader, a manager and a motivator,” board member Keith Lyle said. “My personal thought is I’m not so concerned that the man or woman that’s next is an expert in school finances, but they know how to find someone that is.”

The Board will also look for candidates that have the ability to hire good people and that have a “backbone and be able to make tough decisions.”

For personal qualifications, the board desires someone that has high integrity, has a strong passion for public education and has good interpersonal skills to include communicating and listening.

A final personal qualification was added that requires that the new superintendent be a full-time resident of Decatur County and an active member of the community after accepting the job.

On Monday a community survey will be posted on the Decatur County School Board website and emailed to all school board employees. This will allow the community and employees to have input on the traits they desire in the next superintendent.

At the time of the meeting, there were 14 applicants that had officially applied for the job. The application closes April 1 and the board will meet with King-Cross and Associated on April 14 to discuss the applicants and chose those who will be offered an interview.

The first round of interviews will then be held during the week of April 25-30.

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