Climax City Council votes to accept resignation of Councilwoman Phillips

Published 6:31 pm Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Climax city Council voted on Monday night March 14 Council meeting to accept the resignation of Council woman Elizabeth Phillips, effective March 28, 2016. Council member Phillips was not present for this meeting; however, her written notice cited her reason for resigning was due to her health condition and circumstances happening around her. In her letter she also encouraged citizens of climax to attend the Council meetings.

Guest speaker at the meeting was Steve Brock, candidate for County Commission District 2. Brock stated he was running on the Republican ticket. While Mayor Charles Hadsock stated the Council did not endorse one candidate above the other, he did welcome Mr. Brock to the Council meeting. The mayor said other candidates were also welcome to speak to the council.

Catherine smart addressed the Council again about opening a personal care home on Virginian Lane in Climax.

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She stated she had received the inspection from the county, and she had signatures of approval from those in that community. Mayor Hadsock said that the city ordinance stated that before the city could issue a business license of this type there must be a state license for the business. Smart stated that the County was telling her that the city must grant a business license before the county or state could act on this matter.

The council decided that the city lawyer would need to look into this matter before a license could be issued.

Sandra Douglas Nichols spoke to the Council about the annual Memorial Day family and friends cook out held at Parker Park. She said for the past five years or more she and her husband has sponsored the annual cookout . Then Last year they were not allowed to bring the cookers in the park under the pavilion. After some discussion the Council voted to allow the smoker cookers to be placed under the pavilion and the gates would be left unlocked.

Old business: The mayor announced that he and Greg Toole, the maintenance man, had met with Casey Moore-Department of community services, and found that the water tank repairs could qualify for a grant. However, it is too late this year to apply. The Mayor also stated that he had a meeting with American tank on February 23 and UTV on February 24 and they did an inspection on the water tank and did not believe the tank had lead paint.

The mayor also said that he was told that Tank Pro had use this as a scare tactic on others. A sample of the paint on the water tank has been taken and sent off for evaluation and there should be more information by the next city council meeting.

UTV has given a budget price of $30,000 for two coats of paint on the water tank. American tank is in the process of preparing a budgetary price.

The Climax Police Department was officially dissolved on March 1, 2016. There are several law enforcement agents now available to the city when needed. The police vehicle and associated equipment was sold to Decatur County Sheriff’s department. The 700 MHZ radio was canceled on Feb. 9, 2016, saving the city $3,707.50 plus an annual fee.

New business: A motion and second passed to amend the 2015 budget to December 2015 financial statement. Councilman Joseph Kelly gave report on his courses for newly elected officials he attended in Tifton. An amount of $1,300.00 was approved for the upgrade and replacement of parts for the water system backup generator.

A resolution was approved to dispose of Police Department equipment which allows the transfer of one government asset to another government without having to go through advertising and/or an auction. The former Climax policeman, John Precila purchased the firearms for $200.00 each. A motion was also approved to pay John a $250.00 commission for helping sell the police vehicle.

The council also voted to increase the clerks salary to 22,000.00 annually.

Announcement: The Ham and Egg Supper will be held Thursday March 24, 2016 beginning at 5:00pm at The Chitlin Barn on the Swine Time Grounds. Dine in or Drive through. Plates are $7.00.