Manning had a great career, only a Heisman is missing from his resume

Published 5:37 pm Friday, March 11, 2016

Denver Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning, who led his team to a 24-10 victory over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50, has announced his retirement after an outstanding 18 year NFL career with the Indianapolis Colts and the Broncos.

Manning, who led the Colts to a 29-17 victory over the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI in 2007, also had a great All-American college career with the University of Tennessee Volunteers.

One thing that is missing from the great quarterback’s highly impressive resume is a Heisman Trophy, and that is a shame.

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As a senior at Tennessee in 1997 Manning threw for 3,819 yards and 36 touchdowns but he finished second to the Michigan Wolverines Charles Woodson in the Heisman voting.

Woodson, who was an outstanding player in his own right, won the Heisman in his junior year when he intercepted seven passes, had 43 tackles and caught 11 passes for 231 yards and a touchdown. He was also a tremendous punt returner. He went on to have an outstanding career with the Oakland Raiders, who took him with the fourth pick of the National Football League draft, and the Green Bay Packers.

If there was ever a year when two players deserved to receive strong consideration for the Heisman Trophy, it was 1997. Peyton Manning and Charles Woodson were both great players at both the collegiate and professional level. I truly enjoyed watching them play through the years.

In conclusion, I would just like to reveal one of my pet peeves about the Heisman voting process each year. Nearly every year the award goes to an outstanding offensive player (Woodson is the only primarily defensive player to ever win). There are many defensive players who are just as good at their positions as any offensive player is at his position. If they are going to give the award to an offensive player year in and year out, they should call it the best offensive player award not the best football player award.