Voter turnout at 19 percent for Presidential Primaries

Published 6:29 pm Friday, March 4, 2016

Out of 16,475 registered voters in Decatur County, 3,145 came out to vote Tuesday at the Presidential Primaries.

Candidate Donald J. Trump received the majority of republican votes from residents with 1,525, while candidate Hillary Clinton received the majority of the democratic votes with 1,316.

“We had a real steady and busy day Tuesday, and things went relatively smooth,” said Willie Lamb, Jr., vice chairman of the Decatur County Board of Elections and Voter Registration. “Even the precincts in the outlying areas of Decatur County saw greater voter turnout than usual.”

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The precincts with the biggest voter turnouts were West Bainbridge, the Coliseum and the Bainbridge Fairgrounds.

Carol Heard, chief elections official for the county, said she would try to encourage voters to check their voter registration information and ensure it is up to date with the correct information. “Voters may go to the Georgia Secretary of State’s My Voter Page, which tells voters where their precinct to vote on Election Day is, where they may vote in advance, or to request an absentee ballot. We had numerous calls on Election Day of voters confused as to which precinct they needed to go to, or to see if they were registered to vote.”Heard also encouraged voters to learn who is on the ballot, if they live in a county commission or school board district that will have an election this year and how to use the touchscreen voting machine. “The next three elections this year are going to be very busy, and the more information the voter has, the smoother their experience at the ballot box will be,” Heard said.