Get your ponchos ready

Published 6:35 pm Friday, March 4, 2016

Campaign season has been in full swing for months now, but we recently reached DEFCON 1 for mudslinging season. As The Donald continues to win states and the almighty GOP establishment reaches a heightened state of panic the gloves are coming off and the insults are starting to fly like food in an elementary school food fight.

It is no longer enough to attack someone for their policy platforms. Heck, it isn’t even a requirement to have a policy platform anymore. Opponents are now going after hand sizes, fake universities, episodes with glasses of water and every other transgression that has been committed in the past.

Donald J. Trump has said in the past that his supporters are so loyal that he could shoot somebody and they would still vote for him. Marco Rubio’s recent response has turned personal because Trump’s supports might vote for him if he shoots somebody, but maybe they won’t if they realize how small his fingers are!!!!

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Even former or as Trump would say “failed” candidates are getting in on the shenanigans. Mitt Romney held a press conference this week where he called out Trump and issued the first assault in the GOP Civil War.

“Little” Marco and “Big” Donald as they have deemed each other have been the most aggressive with each other. Rubio has been deemed by many as the establishments’ last great hope (sorry John Kasich…but your poll numbers aren’t good)

Trump is an outsider and Cruz is as hated by the establishment as almost anyone can be by their own party.

So as the debates continue and Rubio/the establishment get more desperate to stop the run away Trump train, the insults get sharper and the bickering gets worse.

The primary may have already passed us here in Georgia (the results for Decatur County are on page three), but massive battle ground states Ohio and Florida are coming up soon.

Rubio knows that Florida not going his way would be a death sentence and he would have to shake Trumps’ hand and accept defeat. So he has turned dirty. He has started attacking and Trump has just continued the flurry of insults that he has been spewing since day one. While I can wish the insults would stop, that the candidates could just have adult conversations about the issues, I see no chance of that. So I am taking the one step I can. I’m donning my poncho, putting up the hood and hoping I can at the very least keep a mud-pie out of my hair (it’s an afro and hard to clean).


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