Drug dealers busted with accidental phone call to BPS investigator

Published 5:09 pm Friday, February 19, 2016

Calvin Daniels, 44, and Fannie Williams, 35, were arrested Wednesday and charged with felony possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute after Daniels accidentally contacted Bainbridge Public Safety investigator Mark Esquivel and offered to sell him pills.

On Wednesday around 8:50 a.m. Esquivel reportedly received a text message from an unknown number. A short time later the same number called and the person on the other end asked if he was speaking to “Mark.” Esquivel responded “yes” and Daniels reportedly responded saying he had 40 Klonopin and some Zanax that he was willing to sell.

After agreeing on a price of $40, Daniels and Esquivel set a time and place to meet and make the transaction.

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“I was surprised,” Esquivel said. “He offered to sell them to me, so I set up a transaction. As soon as I got that call, I called Nix and Funderburke.”

Esquivel and investigators Chip Nix and Larry Funderburke set out for the rendezvous point and Esquivel called Daniels back to make sure they were still meeting.

At 9:20 a.m. the BPS investigators arrived at the planned location and Nix and Funderburke approached the vehicle and arrested Daniels and Williams.

When asked who he thought he was contacting, Daniels said Mark Green from Cairo.

Esquivel said that he gives his number to a lot of people and that Daniels must have simply had it listed as Mark and contacted the wrong person.

“Some people, just have bad days,” Esquivel said.

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