City plants oak in celebration of 2016 Arbor Day

Published 5:16 pm Friday, February 19, 2016









Bainbridge residents will be breathing plenty of fresh oxygen for many years to come.

The City of Bainbridge planted a new oak tree at Willis Park Friday morning to celebrate Arbor Day 2016.

Mayor Edward Reynolds and Leisure Services Director Al Kelley planted the tree.

“We are trying to make sure we are moving ahead in our program for planting for the future and making sure there are still some here 150 years from now,” Reynolds said. “Then other people can enjoy them.”

Reynolds read a proclamation naming the Feb. 19 Arbor Day in Bainbridge, and Rodney Heard and Van Smith of the Georgia Forestry Commission presented the city with a flag naming it a Tree City.

“We have oaks, especially live oaks, that are landmarked oaks and other oaks that our city was named for. But they even have a lifespan.”

Reynolds pointed toward the oak formerly on the corner of East Broughton and South Clay streets as an example that even the biggest, oldest trees can be lost. Planting a new tree each year ensures there are beautiful oaks in the Oak City for centuries to come.