I have found the perfect song to describe Donald Trump

Published 4:41 pm Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I’ve written two columns about Donald Trump. One of them poked fun at his ego and pomposity. There is so much of those two, it was easy to write.

The other was about his popularity. What was at the core of his popularity? I wrote that, despite his bombastic ego, he was addressing with frankness and honesty many of the concerns that are bothering citizens of this country.

Among those were the immigration issue, the failure of the political parties to get anything done, the loss of jobs to foreign nations, and the decline of the United States’ reputation throughout the world. One does not have to agree with what Donald Trump says, but I think that his popularity can be attributed to his boldness in bringing up issues that many elected politicians treat like “hot potatoes.”

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Trump’s shoot-from-the-hip addressing of such issues, often leaving out details as to what he would actually do, left much to be desired, but at least he was not afraid to bring them up. It was a kind of naiveté. He had no political experience so far as running for office, although it could be said that as a businessman of his stature, he knew quite a bit about politics.

I appreciated The Donald in the beginning. I am not saying I agreed with him in every instance, but I agreed that the subjects about which he was talking needed to be placed upon the table for discussion. That was good.

We need to address the immigration chaos, the failure of our political establishment, our jobs decline, and our lessening respect in worldly stature.

I have no idea how all this presidential “stuff” ends up, but I have grown to dislike the nature of our political talk. I don’t like how the moderators prod or goad the candidates into attacking each other and I don’t like the way the candidates, particularly Mr. Trump, seem to take the “bait” so easily.

As I was thinking about this lack of decorum, a song from the old days came into my mind. Frank Sinatra and his daughter, Nancy, had a Number One hit song back in 1967 by the title Somethin’ Stupid. The hook line for the song was “And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like I love you.”

I could have included just about all politicians when considering the song, but Donald Trump was the one who came to mind immediately. Of course, he doesn’t say “I love you,” so the line would simply be “And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid.”

Let me reiterate something I said earlier. I appreciate his forthright speech regarding the issues. Trump does not seem to be afraid of answering any question put to him and he seems to answer as honestly, or more, than all the rest.

I’m not really a prude, but I don’t like it when he uses profanity as he seeks to emphasize his answer or position. It’s not that I haven’t heard the words, but in a public setting I think a candidate for the presidency should be more disciplined. I believe there are young people who would like him and seek to emulate him.

All of the candidates speak negatively of their opponents, but Trump seems to be a little more personal with his jibes. Maybe it’s me, but some of his comebacks seem to go overboard.

I like what he says for the most, but then he goes and spoils it all by saying something stupid.