Climax City Council votes to close police department

Published 4:44 pm Tuesday, February 16, 2016

By Deryl Ouzts
Climax Correspondent

The City of Climax will no longer have a police department. The decision was made at the Climax City Council meeting Monday, Feb. 8.

After a motion to eliminate the Climax Police department by council member Vanessa Martin and second by Elizabeth Phillips the council voted unanimously in favor of the motion. Mayor Haddock stated this was not something the council wanted to do, but due to the financial situation they had no choice. Deputy John Presilla will be trying to sell the police car and equipment for the city. The council also voted to sell the firearms to Deputy Presilla.

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Mayor Charles Hadsock welcomed and introduced Glenda Worsham as the new Climax City Clerk with Monday Feb 8th being her first Day of employment.

Danny Culveson of Southwest Ga. Corn Hole addressed the council about renting the gym for a corn hole tournament. After some discussion the council voted to rent the gym and Tiger’s Den both to Culverson for 150.00 for one Saturday in April or May provided it is not already rented for the date he chooses. He is to place a deposit and give the date as soon as possible.

Dale Hatcher a representative from Tank Pro Inc., Tuscaloosa, Ala. gave a presentation regarding refinishing the Climax City water tank. This included sand blasting to remove scale and lead paint from the exterior of the tank. Neither the inside of the tank nor the water quality in the tank is compromised by the lead plaint.

Hatcher explained that after an inspection in 2013, lead paint was found to be on all legs of the water tank

But the interior and exterior of the tank was ok. He said further inspection found the tower, the balcony, the exterior tank shell, and the exterior tank roof was all in poor condition, which he said could cause rust damage to the tank. The tank bowl itself was in good condition, and the tank ladder was in fair condition.

He went on to say these inspectors were certified inspectors, and they found only 40% of the exterior of the water tank is in good condition. Over time, Hatcher explained if these things aren’t maintained with preventative maintenance, you get corrosion build up and it wears down the tank.

He said again there was no lead damage to the water in the tank; the damage is in the rust and the corrosion on the tower with the flaking off of the paint into the environment. Hatcher also explained that Tank Pro Inc. would spread the cost out over a long period of time. Mayor Hadsock said he was also looking into some type of grant to help with the repair of the water tower and tank,

Old Business:

After discussion with a motion and second and unanimous vote the council approved the State of Georgia Section 20 official travel guidelines.

New Business:

Mayor Hadsock announced that it was official Glenda Worsham as of this meeting is the Climax City Clerk.

New City Councilman Joseph Kelly will attend the newly elected official course held in Tifton on March 11th and 12th.