Tag notices expected to be back in mailboxes

Published 5:47 pm Tuesday, February 9, 2016

If you rely on notices in your mailbox for motor tag renewals, you may be have been disappointed over the past few months.

The vendor contracted by the state to send out tag renewal notices, World Marketing, filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in September 2015, halting the company’s operations immediately. Residents used to the courtesy reminders with birthdays in October, November, December and January may have been hit with late fees if they forgot.

Decatur County Tax Commissioner Don Belcher said he was not able to waive any late fees as a result of the failed notices. Fortunately, things should be back on track by the end of this month, as the Department of Revenue has found a new company to handle mailing the notices across the state.

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“They went bankrupt, and they got a new company, but they couldn’t get them overnight,” Belcher said. “It wasn’t anything we did, but it’s going to be back online this month.”

Decatur County residents with birthdays in March will be the first to receive their tag renewal notices after the hiatus.

Other than a press release from the Georgia Department of Revenue stating renewal notices were delayed because of World Marketing’s bankruptcy, no other official warning had been released.

Although not required, tag renewal notices are mailed to motor vehicle owners in participating counties. Belcher said when he registered Decatur County for the notices, people were thankful for the extra reminder and convenience.

Belcher has had to enforce the late fees as the state continued to search for a replacement company.

“This is their reminder, and there are people that relied on it,” Belcher said. “I apologize.”