Small workout changes can lead to big results

Published 5:27 pm Tuesday, February 9, 2016

By Corey McMickle

With the holidays not that long behind us, it should be a simple task to remember the last time you assembled something.

Possibly your son’s new flying drone or a daughter’s “Doc Mcstuffin’s Pet Vet Checkup Center?” Or how about that new Cornbread Dressing recipe you saw someone make on TV you tried to make last Thanksgiving?

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Anything you may have strived to accomplish or construct recently that involved you pouring your heart and soul into something; sadly, to only sit back after you deemed it complete and wonder why it doesn’t look like the picture, or not how you remembered it looking when Chef Tyler was plating such a meal on TV.

“What happened?” This could be the first response, as well as “Why did they send me some many spare parts?” Directions are always left in the box and recipes usually have a few skipped stages or ingredients. But if we were to adhere to the proper recipe or actually take the time to see where everything goes in the directions, a lot of headache and time can be saved.

Now look at someone in a health magazine you believe to look awesome and fit, that’s our direction guide and our end result picture. Does it look like we still have a few “spare parts” when we compare ourselves to them? Well I’ve finally got a simple workout implementation that works, regardless of the way you go about fitness!

You’ll probably going to need some convincing after you hear how simple this is, so I’m preemptively giving you some success stories to help you believe me. Matter of fact you’ve probably already seen them. That one lady who lost X amount of pounds doing “Cize,” a workout DVD series based around dance, she’s one. Or, that guy who trimmed down four or five pant sizes doing “P-90X,” he is another success story I can throw into this category. The thing I’m trying to highlight with this is the same concept that not only these two DVD series share, but probably 90 percent of the work DVD series available today. That’s High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

What is HIIT? It’s exactly what is going shorten your time spent working out, while also spiking your energy and metabolism. It’s a sudden, short moment of eighty, to ninety, or even a hundred percent effort of exercise; followed by a rest period that is predominately twice or maybe three times as long. “So you’re saying I can give it my all for twenty seconds and rest for a minute and that’ll help with this flabby midsection?” That’s exactly what I’m saying!

This trumps the old method of cardio where you feel like you’ve been on a treadmill for a week. In comparison to that method, HIIT is causing you to force your heart rate to fluctuate rapidly, rather than just plateauing because you’ve settle into this normal stride or speed at which you typically do cardio. This will in return cause massive increase in calorie intake by igniting your metabolism and causing you to burn mind-blowing amounts of fat tissue. That’s where the similarities of these DVD are found.

They typically have you going all out for a short amount of time, then in a matter of minutes they have you applauding yourself (resting) until they start the next set of exercises. Whether it’s having you shadowboxing, dancing, or some form of weightlifting; almost all these DVD contain the foundation of a High Intensity Interval Training workout. How much more simpler could it get?

After that short summary, is HIIT the peak of all fat burning methods? That’s hard to tell. New methods of working out are constantly being implemented to routines. But what I strive to achieve for clients is an easy and malleable method of getting results not only faster, but safer. So, if an enormous amount of companies are continuing to want to slap on some catchy logo and spend numerous amounts of dollars over the exact same concept of working out that I’ve just gave you, why would you not want to give it a month or two to simply try it out? By simply consolidating your efforts into a higher work output, in a smaller amount of time; a slimmer and healthier you will be reading my next article two Wednesdays from now. Till then Port City.