The future looks bright

Published 4:41 pm Tuesday, February 2, 2016

As a news writer for The Post Searchlight for the past 12-1/2 years, I have covered many fundraising events and art exhibits held at The Firehouse, but I have never seen one like the Art for Animals held last Saturday night.

I arrived a bit late, fully expecting to see the usual group of citizens who can be counted on to be supporters of anything to do with the arts or theatre. You know who they are— the small group of people that have been the life-blood of cultural events for many years.

Unfortunately, that group has been dwindling in numbers each year, as the aging population suffers inevitable infirmities and passings. Many people have questioned where the younger supporters will come from to step up and take their places.

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But, Saturday night’s Art for Animals should answer those questions. The faithful were there, of course, but there were also many new faces, some I knew; but a large number I didn’t know.

The Gallery and the extended covered patio could barely hold the crowd that turned out to support the Bainbridge-Decatur County Humane Society’s fundraiser to build a new shelter.

To say the event was a success would be a gross understatement. The board members and shelter staff, especially the committee members, proved they know how to rally support, as well as how to throw a party.

It was a financial success and those in attendance were seen having a good time viewing the artwork, bidding on the silent auction items and enjoying the great spread of food from Elizabeth and Me caterers, all with the music of Eric and Tony in the background.

Way to Go Shelter People! The future of the Shelter, and indeed that of Bainbridge, appears to be in good hands.