Climax residents visit Florida’s Holy Land attraction

Published 4:49 pm Tuesday, February 2, 2016

By Deryl Ouzts
Climax Correspondent

A group from Climax visited the popular attraction in Florida called “The Holy Land Experience,” then on to Disney World.

Willie and Gloria Barrentine, Lloyd and Myra Seals, Paul, Juliet, and Joseph Kelly, and Luz Musgrove were joined by Mrs. Viola Adams’ affectionally referred to by many as “Barbie Doll” from Bainbridge on Friday, Jan. 15, to begin the journey.

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The two automobile caravan left, stopping at the home of Mrs. Adams’ daughter Valarie and her husband Mike’s in Orlando. Mrs. Adams was to visit with her children while the others continued on with the trip.

With Paul, Joseph, Juliet, and Luz Musgrove, as host for the trip the group entered the Disney Resort before visiting the Holy Land attraction, specifically, the live action drama “Passion of Christ”.

Willie and Gloria Barrentine said they had never seen anything as impressive as the drama of the Passion performed by the cast.

Lloyd and Myra Seals said the actors made everything seem so real. They said one felt like they were part of the action, and part of the suffering of Christ.

After the enjoyable visits to The Holy Land the group then entered Disney World for special treats, and an amazing fireworks show.

On the return trip home after picking up Mrs. Adams from her visit, they continued to Lake City for a visit with Willie’s brother, Bill and Mary Ann, who hosted the group for dinner the night before returning to Climax.

Myra and Lloyd and Willie and Gloria expressed appreciation to everyone for making their trip so enjoyable, especially Joseph who planned everything and made the itinerary.