Records unveil 10 biggest taxpayers in Decatur County during 2015

Published 8:48 pm Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Taxes were due for property owners across Georgia on Dec. 20, 2015. Whether you owned a small house or hundreds of acres of land, the pay-by date was the same for everyone.

While many Decatur County residents dread the date, or the amount on their bill, they can at least find solace in the fact that they aren’t paying more than $1 million. BASF Catalysts, L.L.C. can’t say the same.

Many factors combine to determine the value of a piece of property and the taxes due from it. But who in Decatur County pays the most?

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The top 10 taxpayers in Decatur County combined for a massive $3,573,505.88 in property tax revenue.

To be exact, BASF Catalysts L.L.C. paid $1,003,394.47 for taxes in 2015, taking the rank as the highest taxpayer in Decatur County. Headquartered in New Jersey, with the local branch located in Attapulgus, BASF is the world’s leading supplier of environmental and process catalysts, a substance that increases the rate of chemical reactions.

Coming in as the second highest tax payer of 2015 is Georgia Power Company, with five bills totaling $743,999.10. Owned by Southern Company, Georgia Power’s utility services provide energy to the majority of residents in Decatur County.

Shaw Industries Plant 70 is third on the list, with a total of $535,082.95 in taxes due in 2015.

Meredian Bioplastics Inc. comes in as the fourth highest taxpayer in 2015, with $215,420.21 due over three bills. Meredian sources, formulates, produces and delivers customized bio-based materials, according to their website.

The fifth highest taxpayer of 2015 is Sanfilippo & Son Inc., with a total of $213,529.26 due in taxes for 2015. Sanfilippo processes and packages various nuts, and is perhaps most well known for their peanut and peanut butter products.

Transmotaigne Product is the sixth highest taxpayer for 2015, with $202,856.25 due.

Coming in seventh is C.S.X Tranportation Inc with $198,039.71 in taxes due.

Engelhard Corp. comes in eighth with a total of $197,461.79 due in 2015.

Scott H. Lee Jr. was the ninth highest taxpayer, with $133,242.97 due.

The tenth highest taxpayer in 2015 in Decatur County was Grady EMC. Headquarter in Cairo, Georgia, Grady provides electricity to many residencies in Decatur County as well.