Lamenting the end of another great college football season

Published 7:02 pm Friday, January 15, 2016

That time of year is slowly drawing close. That sad time between the end of the football season and the glorious day that it returns to our lives once again. The college football season came to a close on Monday in dramatic fashion with one of the best national championship games in recent memory (I think FSU/Auburn is the best since Texas/USC but that might be because I was there).

The Crimson Tide and the Tigers gave the fans a show, but now we have to wait until September for another college game. All we have left is three more weekends of the NFL (the Pro Bowl is a bye week it doesn’t count). Then begins the dark days until football returns. Yes there is the national signing day and the draft for those of us obsessed with the sport, but nobody hits anybody during those (although coaches fighting on NSD would be fun).

Now, I am a big basketball fan and I enjoy baseball (college and pro for both), but they just don’t have that same affect as football. Football owns two days of the week and then spreads additional games throughout the rest of the week.

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Saturdays and Sunday are just more fun when there is a football game on. So for four more weeks we must enjoy ourselves. There are some great matchups this week. The Panthers face-off against the Seahawk, the Patriots face off against the Chiefs. We get to see if everybody’s favorite grandpa Peyton Manning can match his brother with two super bowl rings.

Then hopefully we will get a Super Bowl as entertaining as the national championship game (Coldplay at halftime really NFL?). So let us enjoy the last few weeks. Take it all in. Watch games on Saturday, catch some more on Sunday and wait all week for the next set. There are only seven games remaining and then you have to make it to August (unless you want to count spring football games that is).

Then when the season is over we can all try and find something else do with our weekends. Anyone have a football I can borrow?


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