Local fitness centers see New Year as opportunity for new members

Published 5:43 pm Friday, January 8, 2016

“New Year, New You” has become a common phrase in recent years as people make new years resolutions to get back in shape. Major beneficiaries of these resolutions are local gyms YMCA and Anytime Fitness.

“I do know we have seen an increase over our normal membership at this point,” Frank Angell the CEO of the Bainbridge YMCA said. “It happens every year when you get around the first of the year.”

At Anytime Fitness while there has been some increase in new members manager Liv Warren expects the biggest increase to happen on Monday the 11th.

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“It hasn’t picked up much because school didn’t start until Wednesday,” Warren said. “People aren’t going to start on a Wednesday.”

With that in mind Warren and Anytime Fitness scheduled their new membership drive to run from Monday the 11th through Friday the 15th. If you sign a yearlong contract new members can join for only a dollar and then $35 a month.

The biggest increase in membership comes from single adults joining the club. Angell said he feels that single adults tend to join the YMCA not just to work out, but also because the gym offers a community of people trying to obtain the same goal.

“With us here, it’s very social,” Angell said. “People know that if they are going to start a new work out plan, they are going to go where their friends are. All about friends, all about accountability.”

For Angell and the staff at the YMCA the key is not just getting people in the door, but getting them to remain members long term.

“We are going to figure out what it takes to keep you here,” Angell said. “We know people are going to come. Our job is to get them to stay. Family memberships tend to stay longer. Single adult members wean off after 4-6 months”

The YMCA is not currently running any specials for new members.

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