The best two teams are in the National Championship

Published 5:16 pm Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Another football season has gone by all too quickly. But it’ll end with a bang next Monday.

The College Football Playoff Committee got it right. Clemson (1) and Alabama (2) is the best possible matchup for the Championship. Both teams had very convincing wins over their first-round opponents and will hopefully give us an amazing spectacle of good ole fashion football.

I find it amusing how both the teams who felt like they were the most dismissed and looked over, i.e. Michigan State and Oklahoma, were obliterated.

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The Sooners are a great team, and aside from their hiccup against Texas earlier this season, they looked competitive.

Unfortunately, they were paired against arguably the best quarterback in the country in Deshaun Watson and a stingy Tiger defense.

Michigan State, on the other hand, was found out.

They barely skated by many of their opponents this season. Purdue sticks out most in my mind, and it also took a last minute miracle drive to beat Iowa in the Big Ten Championship.

And who could forget how they won a game on a one-in-a-billion play against Michigan.

We deserve to be here. We are disrespected by everybody. Nobody believes in us.

Michigan State players spoke words similar to those all week leading up to their game against Alabama. Then fate happened, and they were shutout 38-0 by a scary-good looking Crimson Tide. Tough to be a Spartan.

Both Clemson and Alabama are confident, skilled and the clear top two teams in the country. Just as it was intended, we’ll get the showdown we deserve next Monday.