Problems with Decatur County litter plays havoc with dog

Published 5:23 pm Tuesday, January 5, 2016

By Carol Heard

Special to The Post-Searchlight

The county’s litter problem got real personal to this stray dog, according to Decatur County Deputy Warden Gordon Screen.

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On Monday evening, Decatur County Animal Control Officer David Parris had been called out by residents along Faceville Highway to see about the dog that had its head stuck in a cheese ball container for at least four days.

Screen said the roadside along Faceville Highway has long been a problem area for litter, and county crews had recently picked up litter in that area twice.

County Administrator Alan Thomas said he is grateful that this dog was saved before its encounter with litter proved to be fatal, and that this is just one more example of how litter truly presents a problem to the county.

“This is just shameful. No telling how many other dogs or wildlife have had problems with litter that did prove to be fatal or harmful and that we don’t know about,” Thomas said.

Beth Eck, the director of the Decatur County Humane Society animal shelter, said “Cheesy” is not the first animal to have suffered because of litter. She said wildlife and other animals have had unpleasant and harmful encounters with glass jars, cans and all kinds of stuff.

“It’s a problem,” Eck said.

Screen said the dog was taken to the Decatur County Animal Control Shelter, where it was being cared for. No one has come forward to claim the dog.