Lake Douglas home turns heads with Christmas light display

Published 5:06 pm Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Without a doubt, the two neighboring houses in the 1200 block of Lake Douglas Road have the biggest Christmas light displays in town. And every evening as it gets dark, people start driving slowly past the houses, some even park, so they can take in all the details.

According to Sharon Mitchell, who lives in the brick house, it all began when the Mitchells moved next door to Connie and Terry Taylor eleven years ago. “She decorated like all get out, ” said Mitchell. At that time Mitchell’s son Thomas was five years old.

He was fascinated by all the lights and moving figures and always wanted to help the Taylors put them up. He began helping at age six. Then he wanted to decorate his own house.

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Little by little the Mitchells began to decorate, adding new light displays each year.

Thomas is now 16, a junior at Grace Christian Academy, and still fascinated with Christmas decorations.

He and the Taylors begin putting up the decorations the end of October or first of November.

A lot of thought and planning go into the display. He and his mother sit down each year and draw up plans for the yard, deciding what goes where. He gets a lot of ideas by watching videos and the ABC of Great Christmas Light Shows.

If the street seems a bit darker this year, it is because they ran out of time. Mitchell said half his decorations are still in the attic.

He did give it a new twist this year. He placed two colors of lights on the large tree in the front yard. When the music plays the lights alternate, giving the impression there are two trees.

He is already thinking about next year and plans to have arches with lights over the driveway so that there is no dark spot between the homes. “It will all blend together as one display,” he explains.

Asked how much the power bills increase during November and December, Mitchell replied, “At first they went from $100 to $175 or $180 per month. But after changing to LED lights the bill only increased approximately $10 per month.

He encourages people to stop by, park their cars and view the back yard, which is also decorated.

People always ask if the neighbors are in competition with each other, to which Mitchell replies, “No, not at all. Miss Connie and I just are Christmas loving people who love to see Christmas lights.” He said they do it as much for the children of Bainbridge to have something to look at.

This is the way he and the Taylors can wish the people of Bainbridge a very Merry Christmas.