Filipino country Christmas comes to Climax community

Published 5:12 pm Tuesday, December 22, 2015

By Deryl Ouzts

Climax Correspondent

Like many of us Joseph Kelly was looking for a way to celebrate his heritage. Joseph’s father, Paul Kelly was born and raised here in Climax. Joseph’s mother, Juliet Kelly, was born and raised in the Philippines. Three years ago,

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Joseph decided to combine traditions from his Southern and Filipino heritage. The “Pinoy (Filipino) Country Christmas” was born. Joseph has included his extended family and friends in the celebration and folks come from as far away as Alabama, as well as, friends and family in the Climax community.

Food is the centerpiece of the celebration. Traditional Filipino foods, such as a roasted whole pig and Filipino spring rolls are placed side by side with traditional southern dishes like macaroni and cheese and smoked ham. Festivities began around lunch time on Saturday and last until Sunday after lunch.

After eating the games begin with favorites like the egg and spoon relay, as well as, more challenging events like the eggplant race. A huge gift exchange follows and the evening is topped off with fellowship, music and karaoke.

Joseph has found a wonderful way to combine traditions from both branches of his family tree. We should all be so blessed. Merry Christmas from Climax.

May we all be blessed to be surrounded by our family and friends during this special time of year.