Scholarships available for agribusiness program at Bainbridge State College

Published 7:10 pm Friday, December 18, 2015

By Susanne Reynolds

Special to The Post-Searchlight


Interested in pursuing a career in Agribusiness? Well, here is your chance!

Beginning January 2016, Bainbridge State College’s School of Health Sciences and Professional Studies is offering program options in Agribusiness with scholarships available for eligible students.

With South Georgia being an agriculturally-rich area, the Agribusiness program will be very beneficial to students wishing to pursue a career in the agriculture business.

Lauren Harrell, Director of Institutional Advancement, said, “Through Bainbridge State College’s ongoing five-year capital campaign ‘Deeply Rooted. Future Driven,’ we have watched the community embrace the agricultural education of our students through increased scholarship opportunities. We are thankful for individuals and businesses who recognize the need to direct support in a direction that is so vital to our region.”

Students interested in agriculture and business will find the Agribusiness programs at Bainbridge State College can put them on the path to success in the field. The programs are designed to provide the foundation for a great start in Agribusiness.

There are four tracks for the BSC Agribusiness Program, which are the Agribusiness Associate Degree, Agribusiness diploma, Agribusiness Policy Specialist Certificate, and the Precision Agriculture Specialist Certificate.

The Agribusiness Associate Degree program is designed for students interested in businesses and economics of agribusiness firms.

They will analyze the risks and uncertainties of agribusiness production, marketing, natural resources and government involvement.

With the Agribusiness diploma program students are prepared to work in a variety of agribusiness-related fields such as agriculture production, management, mid-management and marketing. The Agribusiness Policy Specialist Certificate enables students to understand the relationship between agribusiness and the political system, as well as the involvement of government in agribusiness.

Finally, the Precision Agriculture Specialist Certificate drives production agriculture in farming which leads to reduced input costs and more profitable yields. Its technology combines geographic information systems (GIS) and global positioning systems (GPS) to scientifically manage resources and outputs in production agriculture.

For more information on the program and scholarship opportunities, contact Pat Thompson, Agribusiness Program Coordinator, at 229.243.4263 or