Rotary Club fills food backpacks for children

Published 6:30 pm Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rotary welcomed several guests this week who were representing the Bainbridge Service Club and Family Connections.

Dr. Suzi Bonifay spoke on behalf of the Bainbridge Service Club. She gave a brief history of the organization, which dates back to World War II when the Bainbridge Airbase was at its peak. She indicated it had been formed to provide a service for the wives of the men who were training at the base. Since that time it has continued to raise funds to serve a broad range of individuals and organizations, primarily those involving children, the elderly and handicapped. It has also purchased band uniforms and contributed to the Humane Society.

Among the historical fund-raisers were a Christmas Bazaar, a Spring Folly — a musical program called the Red Stocking Review. There was also a reverse beauty contest featuring several prominent men who dressed as women and competed for the title.

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Currently, volunteers from the club gather every Tuesday in coordination with Family Connections, and pack backpacks of food. Identified needy children are given the bags on Friday to ensure they will have something to eat over the weekend.

At the close of her talk, Bonifay invited Rotary Club members to come forward and help pack backpacks of food previously arranged in an assembly line. Food items included canned soups, beans, fruit, crackers and other non-perishable items.

The Rotarians quickly completed the task and helped carry the finished bags to waiting vehicles.