Published 6:59 pm Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Willie Fred Williams, 29, of Attapulgus, was arrested Monday by Bainbridge Public Safety for possession of “molly,” a form of meth.

BPS Capt. Mark Esquivel received a call from an informant Monday afternoon who informed him molly was spotted at a residence on Water Street.

Esquivel and Capt. Terry Pate pulled past the residence and saw a nervous reaction from Williams, who was standing out front.

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“I knew he was acting weird and trying to hide something,” Esquivel said. “He was acting shady.”

Esquivel and Pate asked for consent to search Williams’ body, where they found the molly in his right-front pocket, and in his car, where they found scales for weighing the drug.

After transporting Williams to BPS headquarters, Esquivel performed a more thorough search and found more molly in his sock.

Esquivel estimated 3-4 grams of the drug was recovered.