Bainbridge Manufacturing looking at March 2016 for start of production

Published 7:28 pm Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It has been five years in the making, but Bainbridge Manufacturing is closer than ever to starting production at its Decatur County plant.

CEO Abraham Levy acknowledged the delays that have continuously pushed back the company’s production of vehicle air conditioning components, but said making sure he is doing things right will help in the long run.

“Almost perfect doesn’t cut it here,” Levy said, quoting the adopted mantra of Bainbridge Manufacturing.

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Instead of rushing to begin production, he is making sure all the components are in check, from the building’s electricity, the paint job and the workers he is currently hiring.

“The employees we have picked are world-class,” Levy said.

One of Bainbridge Manufacturing’s newest employees is a Bainbridge High School graduate and a product of the Levy’s first internship program with Bainbridge students.

Daniel Medrano began his internship with BM after graduating in May. He traveled to Miami for training and stayed in Atlanta to take advanced courses on automation. He is currently a full-time employee at the Bainbridge Manufacturing headquarters, reverse engineering AC components and preparing for production in March 2016.

“I’ve learned a lot,” Medrano said. “There’s a lot of work to do. It’s very detailed and very tedious.”

But he believes he is good at it, he said. So does Levy.

“This kid is amazing,” Levy said. “I throw everything I can at him. He’s super bright.”

Levy said he plans to take one Bainbridge High School graduate every summer to intern at Bainbridge Manufacturing. He is worked with Bainbridge State College president Richard Carvajal to create a more extensive program with college students.

Levy said that by January 23, half of the work space, around 90,000-square-feet, will be painted white, including walls and ceiling. After that, advance, no-stick white flooring will be installed. By the middle of February, Levy said he would begin assembling equipment and have it ready for production in March.

Approximately $4 million worth of equipment is housed at Bainbridge Manufacturing. Levy said he has about $7 million worth of equipment left to arrive.

“We’re putting a lot of heart into this, and it will be a successful operation,” Levy said. “We have a lot of goals for expansion too. You’re going to be proud of this plant. It’s for the community and the city.”