My costume didn’t scare

Published 6:12 pm Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The United States of America goes all out for Halloween. The statistics are very impressive. According to most estimates from business sites, almost $7 billion dollars were spent. As I read, that’s pretty scary! I thought we were in tough times economically, but I guess Halloween fun proves me wrong. Where does all that money go?

About $2.5 billion goes to costumes, but an almost equal amount is spent on candy. The rest, I suppose, goes to decorations for houses, businesses, towns like Bainbridge’s City square, and even churches who have all those Fall Festivals.

For those of you who might be “ciphering,” it is estimated that all of that money adds up to about $75 dollars per American. Did you spend $75 dollars on Halloween?

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Big bags of candy to buy were all around our stores and I bought a couple. The candy that I buy is mostly given away, but, just in case there is any left, I buy what I like, not what’s popular. My bags always include plenty of Milky Ways and Snickers!

When I arrived at church with my two bags of candy and someone asked about the bag being already opened and a few pieces missing (how would they know; they didn’t count them), I simply said, “I guess the ghouls and goblins got into it.” In reality, though, I had to test the candy to see if it was fresh. It was, but I had to test it more than once.

Costumes, of course, are the most interesting aspect of Halloween. Out of the almost $2.5 billion spent on costumes, guess whose costumes we are talking about. Children? No. More money is spent on adult costumes than children. And here is the kicker. Americans spent $300 million on costumes for their pets.

I saw some very interesting costumes and most were not meant to be scary. Movies like Star Wars can be counted on to be popular. There are always many a Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker, complete with lightning sword. I saw one Princess Lea at our Fall Festival and it was a good costume.

I also saw a Bat Girl, a Super Woman, a pirate and a Spiderman. One of the best comic book character I saw on Facebook was Popeye the Sailor. The fellow was dressed like Popeye “to a tee” and even had an Olive Oyl right by his side. She wasn’t as thin as the real Olive Oyl.

In the past I have seen some politician masks, but didn’t see any this year. I’m surprised no one had on a Donald Trump mask. His hair would be perfect for a Halloween character.

I usually don’t wear a costume, but this year, I decided to dress up all scary-like. I know that I should be careful of my stature as a pastor and not try to be so scary. But I sort of felt inspired this year.

I donned my costume and went to the Fall Festival expecting to strike fear into anyone who might encounter me. As it turned out no one was scared; instead they laughed at me and said, “I don’t think I would have worn that one.”

What did I wear? Think about it. It was the last Saturday in October. Georgia plays Florida. I got my best UGA football gear and put on my game face, trying my best to look menacing. Unfortunately, the first person I ran into had dressed up like an animal. Turns out, I didn’t scare the gator at all!